The Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar, Episode 1 Edit

Sir Digby and Ginger sneak up on a gent engrossed in his mobile phone conversation,

Digby surreptitiously tosses the gent's keys away

Ginger and Sir Digby both point in the direction of the thrown keys

Sir Digby: Stop thief! (looking at the gent) he's stolen your wallet but he's dropped your keys! he's escaped look!

Gent: Where?!?

Sir Digby continues: There!!!

(Wobbly cam) Sir Digby: Quick, Ginger, not a moment to lose!

Digby and Ginger proceed to drink the contents of the glasses on the table

Digby theme voice-over: dun dun dun, dun da-dun-da-dun dun dun, dun da-dun-da-dun-da-dun dun dun, dun dun dun da-dun da-dun da-daaaaaaaa (etc)

Digby and Ginger then eat all the crisps as well

Digby voice-over: On a lonely planet, spinning it's way to damnation, amid the fear and despair of a broken human race, who is left to fight for all that is good and pure and gets you smashed for under a fiver? Yes! it's the surprisign adventures of me, Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar

inset of Sir Digby's homeless guy cardboard sign.

Sir Digby and Ginger being homeless, asleep in a heap upon one another

Sir Digby picks up an article of currency, (a pence?) and

Sir Digby: At last, my grant from the foreign office! Now we'll finally crack this mystery!

Ginger: Sir, I can't feel my left bottom.

Sir Digby proceeds to puke on Ginger's blanket.

Digby voice-over: The story so far:

(wobbly cam) Digby voice-over: As usual, Ginger and I are engaged in our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, "Some Bastard Who's Presumably Responsible.

Sir Digby and Ginger stand outside a theater, pretending to be handing out tickets to Mama Mia.

(continues, come on wikiers! let's do this thing)