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Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
[[File:|300px|center]] 1990s House 1
[[File:|300px|center]] Rewriting the Classics 10 Balloons
[[File:|300px|center]] Simple Instructions 4
[[File:|300px|center]] Phone Warfare 1
[[File:|300px|center]] 1990s House 2
[[File:|300px|center]] Being Served 1
[[File:|300px|center]] Rewriting the Classics 11 Clock
[[File:|300px|center]] Phone Warfare 2
[[File:|300px|center]] 1990s House 3
[[File:|300px|center]] Being Served 2
[[File:|300px|center]] Underground Fox Protest
[[File:|300px|center]] Being Served 3
[[File:|300px|center]] 1990s House 4
[[File:|300px|center]] Simple Instructions 5
[[File:|300px|center]] Rewriting the Classics 12 Shoes
[[File:|300px|center]] Not Christmas
[[File:|300px|center]] Simple Instructions 6
[[File:|300px|center]] Phone Warfare 3
[[File:|300px|center]] Issues Now
[[File:|300px|center]] Simple Instructions 7
[[File:|300px|center]] Futurologist
[[File:|300px|center]] Rewriting the Classics 13 Hungry Hungry Flockharts
0x6 wall sit
End Credits 6
[[File:|300px|center]] 1990s House 5


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