Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
[[File:|300px|center]] Kiss 1 Army
[[File:|300px|center]] Rebel Artist 1
[[File:|300px|center]] Rewriting the Classics 8 Stacking
[[File:|300px|center]] Porno Writer 1
[[File:|300px|center]] Kiss 2 Corener
[[File:|300px|center]] Porno Writer 2
[[File:|300px|center]] Rebel Artist 2
[[File:|300px|center]] Rationalized Drunk 1
[[File:|300px|center]] Gideon Bible
[[File:|300px|center]] Porno Writer 3
[[File:|300px|center]] Rationalized Drunk 2
[[File:|300px|center]] Kiss 3 Church
[[File:|300px|center]] Rebel Artist 3
[[File:|300px|center]] Murder PSA
[[File:|300px|center]] Rationalized Drunk 3
[[File:|300px|center]] Kiss 4 Police
[[File:|300px|center]] Rewriting the Classics 9 Babies
[[File:|300px|center]] Travelers 1
[[File:|300px|center]] Kiss 5 HR
[[File:|300px|center]] Travelers 2
[[File:|300px|center]] Honor PSA
[[File:|300px|center]] Travelers 3
[[File:|300px|center]] Prank Surgeons
[[File:|300px|center]] Kiss 6 Scientists
0x5 Lost Little Chef
Travelers 4


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