Sketch ListEdit

Help DeskEdit


Imagine ThatEdit

Be a teenager again

Death and IceEdit

99 RIP

Incredibly Specific Publications PublishingEdit

Love cheese and hate cars?

Date With A WarlordEdit

Celebrity Fame ZeppelinEdit

Please call or text to any of the following numbers

First BraEdit

My ex-wife had breasts, she took them with her.

Speculate to AccumulateEdit

When will the election be?

Ahead of His Time ScientistEdit

Invention of the mobiley phone circa 1886.

Incredibly Specific Publications PublishingEdit

Chicken Ambivalence, Taps Ambivalence

Lunatic in a BoxEdit

We'll get more sense out of him than 600 politicians

Family TreeEdit

My granddad was Hitler.

Anything can be musicEdit

Professor Cruel uses modern sampling technology

Azbo ZaapruderEdit

The magical texting baby seal
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