Sketch ListEdit

Davenport RecruitmentEdit

Linsey Davenport?

Heritage MasterpiecesEdit


Demetrius Unmasked#1Edit

Tell him you love him Gray-Ham

Hard Hitting InterviewEdit

Stealth Taxes

Demetrius Unmasked#2Edit

I, Sherbert

Hot Oil TowersEdit

"The Best Last Day of Your Life"

How About a Little Date?Edit


Heritage MasterpiecesEdit

Mona Lisa

By the BookEdit

Less catching of criminals, more reporting uniform infractions


War, Famine, Disease... All look amazing on HD!

Afternoon PlayEdit

Is it because I'm irredeemably middle-class?

Ad MusicEdit

By the Rivers of Babylon?

I'm Here for YouEdit

Even when I'm not here.

Heritage MasterpiecesEdit


Bear HandsEdit

A real conversation starter.
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