Sketch ListEdit

Corner ShopEdit

An alcoholic lager beer? How fascinating!

Mad Bears#1Edit

Send £3 to "Free the Mad Bears"

Snooker CommentatorsEdit

Out of Pocket

Imagine ThatEdit

New Sound

Mad Bears#2Edit

Send £3 to "Save us from the Mad Bears"

Stone Age CSIEdit

The perfect crime

Snooker CommentatorsEdit

Failed nightclub


Pay to look ugly, I'm evil

Mad Bears#3Edit

Send £3 to "Honey for the Mad Bears"

Unity of PurposeEdit

It's impossible to buy a phone without a camera.


Pulling at a funeral

Other People's KidsEdit

She's very small, for a person

Mad Bears#4Edit

Send £3 to "Orphans of the Mad Bear Massacre"

Snooker CommentatorsEdit

Easier than horse racing

Party InvitationsEdit

Friends of Saddam Hussein

Mad Bears#5Edit

Adopt a Mad Bear
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