Sketch ListEdit

MP's PayEdit

We need to start overpaying these scum if we're ever going to get rid of them.

Relaxed DJEdit


The Boyfriend MentionEdit

Pity Beer

Honky RapEdit

Completely Pants

The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Caesar SaladEdit

The Mystery of the Disappearing Special Brew


The quality of lagers in the Crucible Bar

Positive TalkEdit

Tram Crashes

Relaxed DJEdit


Correspondence GolfEdit

CC: Correspondence Fisticuffs

The Over 60 SchemeEdit

Those final expenses

Lazy Writers: Undercover Secret SpiesEdit


But What Do You Really Think?Edit

I can only refer you to my earlier answer

Relaxed DJEdit


Global WarmingEdit

Still bloody cold in my flat

Party InvitationsEdit

Friends of Darth Vader
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