Sketch ListEdit

Middle Earth Dinner PartyEdit

Hobbits reminiscing on their package holiday to Mordor.

Imagine ThatEdit

What is the biggest baked potato you can imagine?

Flightless BirdsEdit

Do those sailors look hungry?

Swiss RadioEdit

"The Gold Rush"

Mr CodeEdit

Mr Sands is eating a sofa, could someone please give him a shower or smother him with a large blanket?

Makeover CityEdit


You could put a Goldfish in that glass, and it wouldn't even die.

Male Sex & The CityEdit

Mr CodeEdit

Mr Suspicious Ticking

Practical VoodoEdit

Unwelcome guest begone from my house!

Mother Using Child to PullEdit

One the bus

Lazy Writers: Emergency Medical TreatmentEdit

Medical drama, with the emphasis on drama.

Extreme AdviceEdit

Have you planted the crack yet?

Mr CodeEdit

Mr Old Woman

Friends Of MoneypennyEdit

Piercing bore? There's no such expression!
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