Sketch ListEdit

A Bit of HamEdit

It's been there ever since I've known you.

Now We KnowEdit

Love Scenes can be a bit embarrassing.

Sciency StuffEdit

The science of formula 1 cars.


"There is a man with a grand piano moving between the cars..."

Wedding VowsEdit

"Neither of us are getting any younger..."

Charlies HouseEdit

A man's house is mistaken for a bookshop.

Pit PoniesEdit

Weekend plans for a pit pony.

BBC1 PromoEdit

Hairdressers Sans FrontiersEdit

Split ends in the third world.


thinking about That Pint...

The WordmasterEdit

Touching ClothEdit

How to name a dry cleaning business.

Incidental MusicEdit

A man hires a band to do dramatic backing music for his everyday life.

Party InvitationsEdit

Friends of Velma, Daphne and Fred
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