This is the third episode of the third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look.It is the fifteenth episode overall. It originally aired June 25th, 2009. [1]


Comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Mr Darcy demonstrates his prowess to Miss Bennett at freestyle disco; there's an introduction to the world's first alcoholic isotonic drink; and a carnivorous man at a vegetarian dinner party points out that the cat looks lean and gamey.

Plus a new adventure for drunken super-sleuth Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar; an unnecessarily honest best man; and David and Rob find themselves in an awkward situation with the Queen.[2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes

A meat-eater argues with his vegetarian friend over his lifestyle and ethical opinions.
  • Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.


Pride and Prejudice
In an alternate take on Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy refuses to partake in the conga line in defence of his rank.
  • Mr. Darcy: Robert Webb
  • Caroline: Sarah Hadland
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Abigail Burdess
  • Mr. Bennet: Mark Evans
  • Pianist: James Bachman
  • Sarah Hadland breaks before Robert screams, presumably out of anticipation for the punchline.
  • Written by Robert Webb.
Weatherview Suicide
A news reporter is unsure how to react after realizing that a man committed suicide right behind him.
  • News Reporter: David Mitchell
  • Man: Robert Webb
  • Policeman: James Bachman
  • Written by Kieron Self and Giles New.
Glucozade Port
The world's first alcoholic, isotonic drink.
  • Spokesman: David Mitchell
  • Written by James Bachman and Mark Evans.
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Ginger Gets Run Over
Recurring / Runner: Ginger gets run over.
  • Ginger: David Mitchell
  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Robert Webb
  • Receptionist: Abigail Burdess
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.
Behind the Scenes: Special Guest
David reveals their latest special guest to Robert.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden Taylor and David Mitchell.




Casino Royale
Recurring: Agent Suave's latest mission finds him guessing the size of fruitcakes at a casino.
  • Agent Suave: Robert Webb
  • Bond Villain / Head Spy: David Mitchell
  • Woman: Sarah Hadland
  • Man at Casino: Gareth Edwards
  • Fruitcake Croupier: John Finnemore
  • Written by David Mitchell and Mark Evans.

Wedding Speech
A best man feels the need to clarify that the bride is not the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Best Man: David Mitchell
  • Jane: Sarah Hadland
  • Groom: Robert Webb
  • Wedding Announcer: James Bachman
  • Man at Wedding: Mark Evans
  • Written by David Mitchell.
Behind the Scenes: The Queen Is Not Very Good
David and Robert realize their special guest may have been a mistake.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • James Bachman: Himself
  • Queen Elizabeth: Unknown
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden Taylor and David Mitchell.

Get Me Hennimore: John 23
Recurring: Hennimore is put in charge of making sure his boss' sex tape and a tape showcasing his likeness to Pope John XXIII to his sexual therapist and a group of Anglican bishops, respectively.
  • Hennimore: Robert Webb
  • Boss: David Mitchell
  • Painting: The portrait shows Hennimore's boss' resemblance to Pope John XXIII, with him wearing the pope's garb.
  • Written by Toby Davies and David Mitchell.



The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Ginger's Recovery
Recurring / Runner: Ginger recovers after the accident, gets a job, fixes his life, and prepares to reunite with his family.
  • Ginger: David Mitchell
  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Robert Webb
  • Family Reconnection Services Woman / Ginger's Ex-Wife: Sarah Hadland
  • Corner Shop Manager: James Bachman
  • Ginger #2: Ben Gosling Fuller
  • Ginger's Daughter: Unknown
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.
Captain Todger: Charity
Recurring: Captain Todger explains why he's donating all of his money to supporting donkeys.
  • Captain Todger: Robert Webb
  • Police Chief: David Mitchell
  • Interviewers: Mark Evans, Sarah Hadland, Abigail Burdess
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.
Christmas Pudding
An arctic explorer refuses to eat seasonal foods at the wrong time in spite of their diminished food supply.
  • Explorer #1: David Mitchell
  • Uns (?): Robert Webb
  • Wilson: James Bachman
  • Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.


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