This is the fifth episode of the second series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It is the eleventh episode overall. It originally aired March 20th, 2008.[1]


Off-beat comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Features a car boot sale where you can buy a wardrobe that's also a gateway to Narnia; a laboratory full of lethal poisons where a practical joker cheers everyone up; and an explanation of what happened to all the avocado bathroom suites.[2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
Dying of Embarassment
Two parents worsen their son's ailment by embarrassing him into submission.
Biohazard Suit
Runner: A co-worker pranks Gordon at work.
  • Gordon: Robert Webb
  • Man #1: David Mitchell
  • Man #2: James Bachman




Avocado Bathroom
A television show presenter struggles to get a reaction out of a couple regarding the color of the bathroom at the "wild card" house.
  • Television Show Host:' Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Woman: Olivia Colman




Reel Stories: Rebecca
A film historian presents an alternate take on Rebecca with the character alive and a fixation on the second Mrs. de Winter.
  • Maxim: Robert Webb
  • Rebecca: Joanna Neary
  • Mrs. Danvers: David Mitchell
  • Howard K. Thurlberg / Gentleman #1: James Bachman
  • Gentleman #2: Mark Evans
  • The sketch is a spoof of Rebecca, but instead of the obsession over Rebecca, it is her who is unable to live up to the second wife's lofty expectations.
Colin and Ray: Phone Number
Recurring: Ray grows impatient with Colin for trying to send him a message by phone instead of by simply talking.
  • Colin: Robert Webb
  • Ray: David Mitchell
Boot Sale: Narnia Wardrobe
Recurring / Runner: A couple find the entrance to Narnia at a boot sale.
  • Owner: Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Woman: Olivia Colman
Biohazard Suit: Part II
Runner: Gordon's co-worker replaces his lunch.
  • Gordon: Robert Webb
  • Man #1: David Mitchell
  • Man #2: James Bachman
Boot Sale: Narnia Wardrobe: Part II
Recurring / Runner: A husband isn't too sure about buying the gateway to Narnia.
  • Owner: Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Woman: Olivia Colman
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Hospital
Recurring: When Sir Digby eats poisonous gas, he stabs Ginger as a cover to get to the hospital.
  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Robert Webb
  • Ginger: David Mitchell
  • Nurse: Sarah Hadland
  • Little Girl: Taise Kerr
What Do You Think?
Runner: Two news anchors ask for audience responses towards an environmental catastrophe.
  • Tim: David Mitchell
  • Eric: Robert Webb
Behind the Scenes: Sitting on Our Massive Balls, Farting
David and Robert decide to balance out their wordy sketches with some farting, but don't know how it should end.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
Lindsay Davenport
A businessman tries to sell the idea of tennis player Lindsay Davenport for an accountancy position.
  • Greg: David Mitchell
  • Boss: Robert Webb
Biohazard Suit: Part III
Runner: Gordon plays a prank on his co-workers.
  • Gordon: Robert Webb
  • Man #1: David Mitchell
  • Man #2: James Bachman
Behind the Scenes: Myth Child
David makes a revelation about his name, believing himself to be the Messiah and offering advice to the other actors.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • James Bachman: Himself
  • Olivia Colman: Himself
What Do You Think?: Invasion of Earth
Runner: In the middle of an alien invasion, two news anchors ask viewers how they feel about the situation.
  • Tim: David Mitchell
  • Eric: Robert Webb


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