This is the third episode of the second series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It is the ninth episode overall. It originally aired March 6th, 2008.[1]



Off-beat comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. A farmer tries to teach his horse French; a robot nearly manages to smell cheese; there's a chance to see the exciting new reality TV show Back to Life, a bit like Big Brother but with re-animated corpses; plus a sensitive documentary about Alan and his nineteen penises. [2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
Work in the Mines
A new employee has a hell of a lot of mining to do to climb the corporate ladder.
Helivets: Hamster
Recurring: The Helivets try to save a hamster.
  • Helivet #1: David Mitchell
  • Helivet #2: Robert Webb
  • Concerned Mother: Olivia Colman
  • Concerned Child: Imogen Byron
Lazy Writers: Cricket
Recurring: The lazy writers present the highly-inaccurate cricket underdog story of the Pisswiddle Steelbatters.
  • Arthur / Announcer #2: Robert Webb
  • Cricket Coach / Announcer #1: David Mitchell
  • Cricketer #2: James Bachman
  • Pete: Unknown
  • Cricket Executive / West German Cricketer: Mark Evans
  • Token Girl Cricketer: Laura Aikman
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: The Countess
Recurring: Sir Digby and Ginger confront The Countess for conspiring with his nemesis.
  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Robert Webb
  • Ginger: David Mitchell
  • The Countess: Olivia Colman
  • Museum Tour Guide: James Bachman
  • Security Guard: Mark Evans
Sensitive Freakshows: The Man With 19 Penises:
Recurring: A television programme presents a documentary about a man with 19 penises.
  • Alan: Robert Webb
  • Narrator: David Mitchell
Advert Song:
Two Admen struggle to figure out the proper tunes to advertise television programmes and commercials.
  • Adman #1: Robert Webb
  • Adman #2: James Bachman
  • Advertising Executive: David Mitchell
Runner: After a soup chef gets fired for losing his sense of smell, he creates a robot to smell food for him, though to limited success.
  • Chris: David Mitchell
  • Restaurant Manager: Robert Webb
  • Punching Guy / Pete: Mark Evans
  • Cheesoid (Voice): Unknown
Back to Life, Back to Reality:
Four improperly-unthawed corpses from the 1940s are thrown into a reality show.
  • Howard P. Getty: Robert Webb
  • Professor Von Straussenburg: David Mitchell
  • Walt Disney: James Bachman
  • Colonel Sanders: Mark Evans
Farmer and Horse: Je m'appelle Horse
Recurring:A farmer struggles to teach his horse French.
  • Farmer: Robert Webb
A Cup of Tea for Everyone in Belgium:
A self-important comedian talks about his new show's goal of making a cup of tea for everyone in Belgium.
  • Phil Gaellos: Robert Webb
  • Show Host #1: David Mitchell
  • Show Host #2: Barunka O'Shaughnessy
  • Robert Webb's character is a parody of British comedian Dave Gorman, famous for pulling similar stunts.
  • The police car in the background says "politie" - police in Dutch. That would mean that Phil was in Flanders, where his attempts at French would be particularly useless.
Cheesoid: Part II
Runner: Cheesoid's inability to differentiate cheese and petrol cause some issues.
  • Chris: David Mitchell
  • Cheesoid: Unknown
Behind the Scenes: Cheese Argument
David and Robert get in an argument over how cheese is made.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself


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