This is the sixth episode of the first series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It is the sixth episode overall. It originally aired October 19th, 2006.[1]


Comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. The world's earliest forensic detectives believe they may be up against the perfect crime. The special secret snooker words to Lady in Red are revealed, plus what to do if offered the job of Führer of the Third Reich.[2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
Caveman Forensic Detective#1
Runner: The world's earliest forensic detectives have trouble working out a murder.
Hitler's replacement

Hitler's replacement2
Hitler's Replacement
Admiral Dönitz is giddy at the prospects of his becoming the new Führer, though nobody else seems quite as optimistic.
  • Karl Dönitz: David Mitchell
  • Nazi #1: Robert Webb
  • Nazi #2: James Bachman
  • In real life, Karl Dönitz similarly surrendered two weeks after obtaining his position.
Recurring: Welcome to Wordwang, the spin-off series with a difference and that difference is words!
  • Host: Robert Webb
  • Julie: Olivia Colman
  • Simon: Paterson Joseph
  • Men Behind the Board: David Mitchell and James Bachman
  • This sketch marks the final appearance of Paterson Joseph in That Mitchell and Webb Look.
  • Character Introductions: Julie is from Yorkshire. Simon is from a factory and made from a special metal. Julie says she has never killed a man, but Simon enthusiastically confesses that he has.
  • Rotate the Board: David and James are playing Russian roulette. Right as the board rotates back into place, a gunshot is heard, presumably killing James.
  • Wangernumb: Simon is the winner and receives a dictionary with giant letters on each page. Julie loses and is hit repeatedly by a frying pan.
Snooker Commentators: Mark Deacon
Recurring / Runner: Ted and Peter discuss Mark's battles with his personal demons.
  • Ted Wilkes: David Mitchell
  • Peter DeCoursey: Robert Webb
Torture, Really?
A real estate agent gets interested in hearing about a client's stories of offering support for torture survivors.
  • Real Estate Agent: Robert Webb
  • Client #1: Olivia Colman
  • Client #2: David Mitchell
Caveman Forensic Detective#2
Runner: The caveman forensic detectives stage a reenactment.
Incredibly Posh: Salesclerk
Runner: A salesclerk harasses his customer and his fashion taste.
  • Salesclerk: David Mitchell
  • Customer #1: Robert Webb
  • Customer #2: Olivia Colman
  • "She's gone, sir. They've all gone. They've all been driven out in the burning remains of their tawdry rags cast after them. And we're back." "Who?" "The incredibly intimidating and aristocratic people who still unaccountably sell clothes."
  • "I've seen you in here before. I've seen you slouching around the place in your slip-on shoes and your motorcycle jacket, looking like a mechanic whose won the pools. I've seen you grinning [?] in your tin earring and your black market ear swagger. We've all seen you, and we all thought you were a turd."
Behind the Scenes: Scripted Moment
Robert makes the realization that his mid-episode conversations are as scripted as the rest of the show.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
Snooker Commentators: Mark Deacon
Recurring / Runner: Ted tells an anecdote about Mark; he and Peter muse on "Table of Reds," the secret snooker variant of "Lady in Red."
  • Ted Wilkes: David Mitchell
  • Peter DeCoursey: Robert Webb



Whacky Historian
The wife of a whacky historian is concerned that the spark in their relationship is gone.
  • Jim: Robert Webb
  • Wife: Olivia Colman

The sketch can be interpreted in two ways:

  • It could serve as a spoof on the British children's show, Horrible Histories.
  • Jim's fun-loving, whacky counterpart could be a spoof of British historian Adam-Hart Davis, while his more miserable, leather-clad counterpart could be a spoof of Simon Schama.

Funny Chiropractor
David writes a sketch verbatim about his appointment with his chiropractor, though he may have taken some creative freedom elsewhere.
  • Chiropractor: Robert Webb
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Real Chiropractor: Mark Evans
  • Nurse Debbie: Olivia Colman
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Prison Cell
Recurring: Sir Digby and Ginger find themselves in prison.
  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: Robert Webb
  • Ginger: David Mitchell
  • Minister: Mark Evans
  • Woman: Olivia Colman
Snooker Commentators: Table of Reds
Recurring / Runner: Ted and Peter finish off the first series by singing along to "Table of Reds."
  • Ted Wilkes: David Mitchell
  • Peter DeCoursey: Robert Webb


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