Padlockigami is a one-off sketch in Series 2, Episode 1. The sketch is a television show where a man, speaking a mixture of English and faux-Welsh, demonstrates Padlockigami - the art of padlock folding. Unsurprisingly, the only thing he can make with a padlock is "The Swan", achieved by turning the handle part of the padlock to the side.

"Alloweth branbowi san beniweth and hello to our viewers in England! I hope you've had a safe week. Hlablan man-method whack-method with the wonderful art of padlock folding or Padlockigami. Padlockigami man beniweth is a hobby brrambowi any man can pick up. All you need man wadle methul hlaben whack bell from a store or smith. Alloweth bunni brammowi show you first, san beniweth, the Swan! Alloweth methel Padlockigami akrwentich with your paats. Mathihlan beni the Swan ethelfan. Manwathi flan-wellow keeping your hands well clear banweni haffi. Brambowi methol "the chauff", alloweth mackmowi wethol "the splint". And then you're ready to get folding manwaddle brambowi beniweth. And there is a sunny bethweth, the Swan. Gathi? Ahhh, gathi gammi man wothel, feeding away on all sorts of banibepi. Hlan banibethi san beniweth to join the others! Bethwelli fanni, jam. See? Der is his cousins. Alloweth man madoll, picking round a frond. Ahhh... Athi ben mawadoll, the Swan, leaving them all "getting on together there". Athi ben mawadolli, Padlockigami; padlock folding. So, I hope to see you then. Goodbye!"

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