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Numberwang is a recurring sketch in Series 1 and 2 of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It is a fictional television series in which the two contestants call out seemingly random numbers which are occasionaly told to be Numberwang. Each episode varies slightly, with the basic format remaining each time. Robert Webb portrays the host of the show, with Olivia Coleman and Paterson Joseph playing contestants Julie and Simon in each episode, respectively.

In Series 2, rather than showing episodes of Numberwang, other sketches involving the basic Numberwang concept were used, such as a Numberwang board game and a history of the game BBC documentary.

Outline Edit

In every episode, random numbers are called out by contestants until, after a period of time, the host says, "That's Numberwang!" Occasionally they go to the maths board where numbers are displayed and contestants pick some (although the numbers they say always differ from those which are on the board itself).

After several rounds the host says that it is time to "rotate the board". As the players spin away, waving, something different is displayed on the other semi-circle of the players' sitting area, which continues to spin until the first set of players return to their original position. Once this is finished, the game becomes "WangerNumb", where the players, in a more tense situation, say numbers until one gets "WangerNumb". In the end, one contestant loses (almost always Julie) and is tortured in a way such as being arrested by the police.

MWLook Series 1Edit

MWLook 1.1Edit

  • Introduction: Hello, and welcome to Numberwang, the maths quiz that simply everyone is talking about!
  • Hometown: (any hobbies down there in Somerset?)
    • Simon: Somerset (yes)
    • Julie: Somerset (no)
  • Rotate the board: David Mitchell (Jon) and James Bachman (Miles) as alternate contestants.
  • Winner: Simon, who gets a cape with numbers on it and a cheque for £12.67 that says "Children in Need" which has been crossed out and replaced with "Numberwang".
  • Loser: Julie, who is a given a bag over her head that says "NO".

MWLook 1.2Edit

  • Introduction: Hello, and welcome to Numberwang, the maths quiz that simply everyone!
  • Hometown: (any funny stories to tell us?)
    • Simon: South Hampton (no)
    • Julie: North Hampton (yes)
  • Rotate the board: A particularly confused Mitchell, apparently prepared to perform a news show.
  • Winner: Simon, who receives a bejewelled crown and a very large bottle that appears to contain coins.
  • Loser: Julie, who is handcuffed by the police.

MWLook Series 2Edit

MWLook 2.1Edit

MWLook 2.2Edit

MWLook 2.3Edit

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MWLook 2.6Edit

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